da capo


 auf Grund mehrmaliger Nachfrage,

wird am Samstag, 19. Januar im Ringtheater  Beginn 19.30 Uhr

das Stück von Alois Segerer in der Bearbeitung von Winni Steinl

mit der Theatertruppe Rampenfieber nochmals  aufgeführt

Eintritt 10/ 5 Euro Vorverkauf im Zentral am Marktplatz

und in der Buchhandlung Volkert in Sulzbach- Rosenberg


Peter Hammer Hammerwerke

In unserer Reihe „Die Gregorianer“ stellen wir aus:


mit Hammermusik

Zur Ausstellungseröffnung am
Freitag, 11.November 2016 um 19.30 Uhr
im Amberger Kulturstift, Neustift 47, Amberg
laden wir Sie und Ihre Freunde herzlich ein.

Dauer der Ausstellung: 12. November - 26. November 2016
Öffnungszeiten: Freitag und Samstag 15 -18 Uhr

nur noch  am 25. 11. und 26.11.


mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Kulturstift Amberg e.V.



bitte ins Bild klicken

Liebe Mitglieder und Freunde:

Kunstschaffende aus  unserem Verein , aus Amberg und der Region  stellten in  Daegu / Südkorea aus
Den A.K.T. Kunstverein vertraten dort  unser 1. Vorsitzender HANS GRAF
und folgende aktiven Mitglieder

Der Maler CHANGHEE NAM - Der Fotokünstler MORITZ HÜTTNER.

Weitere Künstlerinnen und Künstler aus unserem Verein und Amberg werden eine Auswahl transportabler Arbeiten mitgeben. Diese sind nach aktuellem Stand:


  bei der Mitgliederversammlung am 23. 9 wird es  auch eine Videovorführung geben.
Die Einladung dazu erfolgt rechtzeitig auf schriftlichem Weg. Freunde und Interessierte sind dazu gerne eingeladen.

Möge der Weg nach und die Rückkkehr von Fernost vom beglückenden Gefühl tiefen Friedens und heiterer Kunst begleitet sein und die Freundchaft zwischen dem Kunstverein Daegu und A.K.T. tiefer und noch schöner sein lassen, wie sie bereits ist

Letter by  Johann Sturcz

Dear Daegu People,

to recap my fantastic time in Daegu, i would like to thank (in quite chronological, but sorry, non hierarchic order) a few persons I met and enjoyed here (in slightly drunken Konglish). Time passed very fast and it felt like swimming but the first night, when Eunji Ahn picked us up at the Station yet seems so far away. The first big 'Thank you' goes to her, making the first contact, helping relentless with the preparations before and during the journey, translating in each situation, the countless phonecalls and mailings and for guiding us so many times safely through the streets of Daegu, many thanks for introducing me to her class of sleepy young students at the Daegu Arts University where I really enjoyed to speak about my work and recieved so much from the learning young people.

Thanks for my first ride through the nightlights of the city with Mr. Cho DongOw from the Artists Association with his charming assistantesses Eunha Kim and Ko GaHee (thanks for the mosquito medicine!), all the organizing, the publicity for our exhibition. the wonderful trip to Gyeongju, the ancient capitol of the Silla with its imposing tumuli, the great museum and the old tempelarea, thanks for the "mashinnridae" meal there, the nice weather and the nice chats.
On this first evening mr Sunggyu Choi directed me to the finest place to recover from the exciting dailiy- or nightlife of Daegu, the legendary Samduk Arclub! A very quiet and cozy place inmiddst of the pulsing Samduk district with its traditional archtecture, a magical place.


Thanks for the young and very kind owner, whos name I forgot and many thanks for everyone who joined the "Samduk Artclub Goulash Party"! and created that lovely atmosphere. Still thank you Mr Choi and of course his lovely Yobo Chonghee, to have met you after nearly 8? years introducing me to the people from Sunday paper with their great and adorable efforts and their support of young artists in their Art space Giant and the Samduk.
Thanks to Mr Parkbyung Gu "The Boss" of Daegu Artists Association for recieving us, for his guidance and the speech at the opening, the many, many invitations to cultural events, such as the magical, astonishing performance of the Junhyojin dance company, the great dishes and his kindly way to fill my cup with the maccoli.It was another priceless evening, where we sat with a lot of fantastic people! Thanks to Mr. Ryu HyoungU from the federation of artistic and cultural organization Daegu for adopting Moritz Huettner his Secretary General, Mr. Ki Dong Kim for the lovely japanese chat. Thanks to Man Soo Cho from the Daegu Smiling Arts Center to offering us the great space and the professional help of the crew and thank for the chat about Bach and LaoZi!

Thanks to Miss Jun Hyo Jin, for her astonishing & compelling Composition, the unbelivable movements on the stage, the fascinating Choreography and the energy of the very young looking dancresses and dancers, I wish I can see you one day in Germany! (but need Info:))

Many thanks to Mr ChungHo Oh! The guy with the guarantee for adventurous and entertaining bar hoppings with magically uncertain endings, thanks for your generosity and at least thirty ways to show "fuck you" and all the laughter you are causing, whereever you appear. Special Thank you for showing us the smelly bar of "Boss" and showing us the taste of Honga! (rotted fish) and thanks to Moo Chang Han to have met again after ten years! Your wife Jini and you didn´t change a bit! Thanks for the night and the shaky walk home.

Thank you all helping people: June SoHyun for everything, the Computer, the company, the laundry, etc. etc. and showing your progress at your attelier in the Art factory, Thank you SeraLee for showing us somun market, the nice presents for the kids (they are loving it), all the translation and organizing, the nice drawings and the patience to our difficultiy, making decisions, Keep drawing forever!. Thank you Suk Youn Ah for the driving and the coffees the nice opening of your magnificent artworks and hopefully cu and your husband soon in Germany. Thank you Lee Yeong Mee to finally have met, after you couldnt come to Amberg last year and for creating your fragile and beautyful Installations and photographies and thank you J.P. for the sexy koreanstyle cardriving and the talk and wish you to turn your "against" into a "for" in your work. Loving your stuff! (Hittorahit!)

And last but not least many thanks to strong paintress Kim Miso and designeress Ji Hyeon from Cannibal Elephant, giving me an insigth into young korean peoples struggles and hopes and beeing very funny company 39! 39! 39!
There would be so much more to say, time was intense and fast. Daegu will stay one of my best memories and I wish to join you all someday back there! Love you all






(Fotos oben von Hanna Regina Uber)



Hier seht ihr eine Auswahl von  Bildern  und Objekte, die  in Daegu ausgestellt werden



Bitte ins Bild klicken zum Lesen des AZ Artikels  Z'ruck in Südkorea

Hier eine kleine Auswahl von Bildern  zur  Ausstellung  der Künstlerinnen aus Daegu  beim A.K.T. Kunstverein  2015
sowie der Empfang im Amberger Rathaus mit Frau Bgm. Brigitte Netta


16. September 2016
im Kunstkombinat  um 19.30
Eröffnung: Freitag 18. September 2016 um 19 Uhr 30
im Amberger Kunstkombinat (Kulturstift)  Neustift 47

Dauer der Ausstellung 17. September - 1. Oktober 2016

Öffnungszeiten Freitag und Samstag von 15 - 18 Uhr

Wir bedanken uns  herzlich für die Unterstützung durch den Kulturstift e.V. und das Kunstkombinat Amberg

Hallo Amberg

Einladung zur Ausstellung "Hallo Amberg".

Das Daegu Art Square Studio zu Besuch im Kunstkombinat.

Hallo Amberg  * An Eunji

  * Park Jeunsik

  * Lee Hyeji

  * Suk Younah

  * Jung Sohyun

Vernissage am 02. 09 2015 um 19 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer: 02. Sept. 2015 - 12.Sept. 2015, Öffnungszeiten, jeweils Do., Fr., Sa. von 15 - 18 Uhr im Kunstkombinat Neustift 47, 92224 Amberg

Weiterlesen: Hallo Amberg